A - Civil Rights (traffic accidents, recovery of credits, contracts in general, etc).

B - Criminal Rights (Intervention in cases concerning crimes of various kinds).

C - Labour Rights (dismissals, labour accidents, labour agreements to national and foreign people, bargains of services rendered and others, suspension of contracts, etc).

D - Obligations Rights (All kinds of contracts, civil Responsibility, mortgages, non-fulfillment of the contract, etc).

E - Family and Minors’ Rights (marriage, goods regime, union event, dissolutions, regulation of the paternal exercise, investigation of fatherhood and motherhood, adoption, etc).

F - Successions’ Rights (judicial shares and extra-judicial ones, heritages, wills, etc).

G - Real Rights (possession and property, usufruct, use and dwelling servitudes, etc).

H - Commercial Rights

I - Insolvency (workers / firms)

J- Tax Rights

L - Registration

M - Leases (dwellings and undwellings) and rent.

N - Emptying

O - Executions

P - Breaches / Fines / Penalties

1- In the tenor of the law decree number 64-A/2000 of 22nd April, no longer mandatory for the following notarial acts, in this way could now be made by counsel, by a particular document:

- Constitution of shares societies;
- Cessation of quotas;
- Conveyance;
- Search’s cessation;
- Lease contract to trade or exercise of learned professions;

2- Constitution of commercial company immediately (online).

3- In this office we can also make the following acts (under the cover of the Law Decree Nº 28/2000 of March 13th , of Law Decree Nº 327/2001 of August 30th, of Decree Law 76-A/2006 of March 29th and the Ordinance Nº 657/B/2006 of June 29th):

- Recognizance (of signatures and letters and only signatures);
- Photocopies’authentication;
- Proxies;
- Authentication terms;
- Translations and/or translations certifications;

4- Similarly, pursuant to Law Decree No. 116/2008 of July 04th still left to be obligatory deed for acts relating to buildings and in particular:

- Purchase and sale (with or without mortgage);
- Creation or modification of mortgage;
- Donation (with or without reservation of usufruct);
- Creation of usufruct;
- Disposal of inheritance;
- Sharing;
- Creation or modification of the real right timeshare (timeshare);
- Establishment or modification of property regime;
- Division of common things (division of property which is in joint ownership);
- Exchange;
- Loan agreements (loan) value greater than € 20,000.00;
- Bank loan secured by mortgage;
- Credit facility secured by mortgage;
- Contract of assignment of credits secured by mortgage;
- Transfer of assets to creditors;
- Transaction extrajudicial;
- Constitution of the surface rights;
- Contract for the servitude;
- Dhaka in compliance;
- Contracts and agreements promise preferably with real effectiveness;
- Assignment of income (an allocation of income resulting from a property).

Those acts can now be done in this office for certified private document, followed by registration, to perform well in this location.

5- Any concerned can apply a prevision of costs and fees.

Any payment can be made by ATM (debit ot credit).

6 - Urgent situations.

Service on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, by contact to the phone: (00351) 91 7628650 or (00351) 93 7256617.

7- Online queries.

Rapid responses may be requested (low cost), on matters not involving a complex analysis or examination of documents.

For this purpose, please send me an e-mail (with name and phone number), after which it wil be indicated the fees relating to the issue and payment details.

After confirmation of acceptance and receipt of the price, wil be sent the requested response, within 3 working days, by my e-mail of the Bar Association.